Poetry Musings

By, Stevie Danae Nelson

The Pool
Waiting for them all to arrive, my keeper is clearing
The grass trimmings and scum from my tiles.
Vapor from my toxic chlorine embeds itself in his nasal hairs.
Checking the temperature and PH of my sea glass green waters,
I will soon be a mecca for school children with nothing better to do
As summer lazily stretches into August.
In mere moments the air is filled with a cacophony of voices,
Splashes fill the air. I count all boys until the moment she jumps in.
She is poised, graceful swimming in my waters, unlike the
Beast that is the boy. I see them watch her as a rare creature among
The crowd, they yell so loud, but she is soft.
Her hair bright as gold shimmers in my cold waves while
The muscles of her frame contract and expand.
Beach balls flying, radio blaring, towels laid out across the lawn.
Youth has a season that is consumed in curiosity,
Durable in body and bone.
My years attached to this house has seen many families
Come and go, ebb and flow, the young they grow so quickly.
Parents all gathered at tables, too preoccupied in conversation
To see the primal force progressing.
Boys prance around my edges boasting of who can flip
Faster, make the bigger splash, shaking off water droplets
Like wet dogs at the beach, all to impress
The divine goddess before them.


For Love
I sing into the dark night for love
Trying with all my might for love
Flitting, floating, fleeting as I am
Flying high as a kite for love
Grinding morsels, tastes of sweet and sour
While I savour the last bite for love
Like climbing a ladder, trying not to fall
Down, holding on tight for love
Grasping for your hand, gripping it
Hard as my knuckles turn white for love
Mouth full of smiles, teeth fond of showing
Oh what a pure delight for love
Soft words spoken, whispering adoration
My lips wouldn’t speak spite for love
We blaze, we glow, shining as a sun
Our bliss burns bright for love
My body treads water, my eyes shed tears
My mind creates lines as I write for love
Just as the dove, the falcon, and sparrow
This heart could take flight for love
And I, Stevie am hopelessly waiting for my
Turn for a partner and I to unite for love
Mean Girl Mentality
It starts with one.
Words buzz through the air like
Nasty gnats, ruining a perfectly
Lovely picnic you’ve prepared.
All the delectable berries in bowls,
The bread and the butter,
But when you take a swallow
Of your white wine, you choke
On that gnat.

Suddenly another chimes in,
Validating the first
While cooperating
In this devilish game.
I can feel it,
Word puke wrestling its way
Up into my throat.
I can’t stop myself.
I let out the harsh unforgiving words,
I joined the pack,
The workplace wolves.
Savage, slaughterous wolves
Snacking on weak prey.
We pull this unexpecting victim
Limb from limb,
Crushing the chambers of her heart,
Feasting on her flaws.
As the words leave my lips I desperately
Attempt to pull them back,
To shove them in my mouth
Before they reach the others ears.
My stomach churns,
My guilt turns to shame.
Coiling back like a snake
After its tail has been trodden on.
I retreat to contemplate,
To asses my ego,
To meet her in her humility.
Artist’s Statement: Stevie D Falcon
With this particular collection of poetry I’ve submitted, my normal subject of writing
shifts as I’m attempting to satisfy different styles that we covered in class. While I wrote I mixed in a bit of my own style to make it feel more genuine and allow the reader to get a better sense of how I usually write. Throughout the poems I’ve selected I seek to find a perspective different from the obvious and challenge my use of wordplay, and other elements of poetry writing we learned. It was a nice change to give effort towards something different, being introduced to new styles of poetry and poets that I had no clue I enjoyed and want to further research.

Having used a subject to practice personification as in The Pool, while I’m trying to dive (no pun intended) into exactly how I imagine a pool would think was a very amusing challenge. Having to ask yourself, “ what would a pool notice about itself and the world around it if it was in fact self-aware?” Giving an inanimate object life was limitless so the idea felt freeing as a writer. When I had to do the Ghazal it was a different story, it was less free feeling but having to work within the boundaries of the rules really helped my brain turn on. The challenge here was finding a word you could have almost endless rhymes for, to keep the poem in forward motion while still making sense. Finally, the poem about mean girls is acknowledging social relations tying into some psychology. Mixed emotions of how we as humans can easily get caught up in situations we do not want to be apart of but something about our humanness, our imperfection and our
drive to be included can lead us astray from being our true selves.

My poetry usually centers around introspection of social constructs, nature, children’s poetry, or way to express what I cannot say out loud. I am mostly influenced by poets such as Maya Angelou, E.E. Cummings, or Kahlil Gibran and I think a tad bit of them always tends to find its way into my work. I also draw on inspiration from nature easily, it’s fascinating in all its complex simplicities and most poets use it as a source for writing. Poetry for me has always been a way to write without just journaling, I’ve done it since I was in high school where I took my first creative writing class. To me poetry is suited best as a form of writing as I am terrible at essays or research papers, poetry allows me to demonstrate how I relate to writing. Throughout the poems presented I have sharpened my ability to create non-cliche metaphors by trying to write them from an original thought or what my mind instinctively drew upon while in the situation. I practiced on creating purposeful tempos and rhythm while writing and made sure
the scheme I followed in my attempt at the Ghazal was accurate and followed the guidelines. As for everything else, (alliteration, assonance, different versions of rhyming Etc) I tried to mix in while making sure it all flowed well with the poem. In my poetry, I honed in on the art of creating a scene, either with inventory or tried to convey a mood for the reader so the intention of the poem would be depicted accurately.

Overall, my philosophy of poetry writing is to write from a place of honesty while aiming for new ways to expand your skills and take some risks. My vision was to give the reader a taste of different styles and subjects I can write about and give myself a chance to venture to places I haven’t yet gone. My hope is for the reader to find what I have to talk about interesting and maybe spark an inspiration to create poetry themselves.