Letters from the Editors

Dear Reader,

Last year, I served as the Licton Springs Review Layout Editor. This year, I served as Managing Editor. As such, my focus shifted from crafting page design to organizing students, staff, and contributors.

As an artist, I am used to working by myself with full creative control. My challenge this year was to lead a group of fellow students and trust their strengths – – not easy, but invaluable as I continue to practice creative collaboration.

My three goals as Managing Editor were to increase staff, increase submissions, and increase page count. Thanks to the helpfulness of my precious student volunteers and contributors’ willingness to share their good work, we continue to raise the bar together.

Please enjoy this wonderful student offering.

Patrick Toney

Managing Editor




Dear Viewer,

It has been an absolute privilege to help put together this magnificent publication. The passion, the dedication, and the creativity demonstrated by our students, alumni, and staff are phenomenal.

My hope is for every viewer to be inspired by each piece of work exhibited, and that all of our contributors will be pleased with the way their work has been presented.

I would like to thank everyone for their inspiration and support of North Seattle College’s annual Licton Springs Review!

Kari Copley

Online Layout Editor




Supporting Staff

Elijah Garrard — Layout Editor

Tracy Heinlein — Faculty Advisor



Associate Staff

Ashley Aiello

Melody Anderias

Greg Both

Teresa Cook

Travis Folta

Jose Garcia

Devon Holcombe

Thalia Jaca

Hiroko Kawana

Alicia Sieferd Klein

Siuliana Limasi

Gaby Lawrencia

Shelley Mitchell

Maria Paramonova

Shannon Phillips

Alison Post

Natasha Richardson

Charlene-Mae Ruiz

Afsara Sadiya

Khoi Tran

Zunan Wang

Delia Wichrowski

Mavis Yao

Iris Zhou

Ying Zhang