Land of the Free for the Few

By, Tamelia L. Cormier


Black American prison population multiplier,


I mean the every white supremacists desire,


in the land of the free but only white lives seem to matter seems to also be desired,


so white collar criminals get hired, the lives of black men cut short oppressed and their woman hair cultured and strong so they get fired,


yet the white white collar aka the low income urban areas economical drug supplier,


Truth and knowledge expunged from the black Kings mind so it’s a daily struggle on how to survive and aim higher,


To hard to convict the white rich, so suited and badged gang members go rolling through the hood just to purposely make the innocent a corpse or criminal convict,


Ignorance is at an all time high,


equality forever far fetched no matter the hundreds of years oppressed that already past us by,


you can call it your country but is it really for you, has it been easy aiming high or has race division gone against every positive thing you attempted to do


Has it really been good to you,


Call it your country but black american is it really meant for you….this is me!


Is that you?