I am Not Your Pawn

By, Kalee O’Neal


Autumn leaves falling from trees,

Reminding the world of change.

To let go of the past

And look towards a future

Filled with renewal.


Your eyes, blue and prominent,

Convey a world of something I cannot grasp onto

As you analyze the pawns on the board that rests

On the picnic table in front of us.


What are you thinking?


My heart is a locked door,

And I refuse to open myself

To a man who holds more secrets

Than an ocean.


My head is spinning and my palms are shaking

As an October breeze sends my disheveled hair

Flying around my face.

You sigh and make a move

that leaves me to struggle

on my own.


Why would you do that?


I suck in a sharp breath and regain my composure

And retaliate against your efforts

To take control

By picking away at your most vulnerable bishop.


I smirk at my ability to be pragmatic

And confidence surges like a river through my veins

As the wooden horse that once protected your kingdom

Is eliminated.


What will you do now?


The park we are visiting

Is empty

And the grey sky is growing darker

As my ferocity overpowers the board

Between us.



After all,

The queen will always have more power than

The king.


Have you lost your own game?


Nothing is meant to last forever

And every leaf must fall from the tree as the air gets hauntingly colder.

You quiver with frustration as my lips utter the two words

That end it all.